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"SOOO glad i found Monu!! she takes her time & is so Sweet. I'm glad i can trust her. I will not go anywhere else!"

                                  -Courtney A.


"Monu has been doing my eyebrows for a few years now. So happy she has her own place now! she understands the best shape for my face and i trust nobody else! Price is great and the service excellent!"

                                          - Ami P.


"I absolutely loved my first experience here, my eyebrows look so great! And i also got my upper lip done which the last time i had it done(diferentplace) it hurts so bad! THis time she was so quick andit was notvery painful. i will definitely return, finally found a good place since i'm new to the city! very nice staff and place!"

                                   -Sandra H.


"I higly recommend going to Glamour Eyebrow Threading for your threading needs/wants. i love Monu's energy and the work that she does. The quality of work is the best in town, i have been threading my eyebrows for about 6 years now. I love her work! i am so excited and proud of her for opening her own busines!! Monu's the best!"

                               -Brandi C.


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"Professional service and expert skill makes my eyebrows perfect everytime!

I was so excited to follow Monu her new location when she started her own business! Eyebrows can be a tricky business but ever since i found monu i don't have to worry about odd angles and over plucking. she knows exactly what she's doing." 

                                  -Alia Massouh

"To women AND men with bushy and thick brows. let Monu work her magic on you and the results will be amazing. I've been going to hher for years and i always leave with flawless brows." 

                                   -Aragon Pika

"I love Monu. She is super friendly! I been going to her for my eyebrows for so long and now that she has her own studio i had to follow her! she always does an amazing job!! I always get compliments on my eyebrows thanks to her! my mom and sister love going to her as well! we will never let nobody else touch our eyebrows but her!"

                               - Ana Yeli Reyes

"oh so many wonderful things to say about monu. I have been going to her for nearly 5 years, first at Trolley Square and now that she has her own studio i had to follow! she is patient and takes her time to get results you ask for. Very gentle and friendly.:) I recommend for every threading service, from eyebrows to fullface." 

                                   -Jennifer M